Samveditha and its Package plan.

Jan 20-21, 2007: The Samveditha team re-visited Christ PU Residential College for yet another multi-packaged session. Their sessions, which were spread over two days, included a heated discussion on  ‘Nuclear Power: Negative or positive?’ and whether it was necessary to spend so much on  Nuclear Power; A documentary screening on the Narmada Bachao Andolan , in order to facilitate awareness; A talk on gender sensitivity and also a discussion on HIV/ AIDS. The sessions included activities like role-plays, case studies and discussions.  The session catered to a total of 62 students and the evaluation session revealed that the students found the whole programme very useful. Vishwini, a volunteer, said that she learnt how to talk about such issues to students of that age; though it was a very difficult task, it was a rewarding experience. ‘It was great to get them to open up and speak about these sensitive issues’, she added. The team as a whole did not forget to mention their indulgence in awesome food, along with the great experience they had. In a nutshell ‘reaching out to students could be fun too’!

By Centre for Social Action Posted in Samveditha

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