Bye, dear Norwegian friends…

A farewell programme was organised for the six FK(Fredskorpset) Exchange Programme students from Norway on 30th November, 2007 in the Main Auditorium foyer. The programme included the CSA volunteers, staff and the host families of the students. Volunteers presented a few songs and a dance for the gathering. The highlight of the evening was a dance performance by the six students who had undergone a vigorous training session for one month under Mr.Prasanna, Social Welfare Officer, on an Indian song. The programme ended on an emotional note, with the Norwegian friends sharing their most cherished moments during their stay in India and their experiences at Christ College.

They’re all returning to Norway during mid-December. Farewell dear friends, and hope you do well in life, and cherish the memories at Christ.


One comment on “Bye, dear Norwegian friends…

  1. hello Norwegian friends called reagan from Uganda a third world country in East Africa and i would like to get educated in Norwegian university for free please for any assistance email me back at

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