We Care.. Online

For those who could not access to the Centre for Social Action magazine ‘We Care‘ march edition, we bring you the online version of the same.

Do post back your reviews and suggestions about this edition of We Care 🙂


4 comments on “We Care.. Online

  1. Publications team! Thank you so much for putting up this edition of We Care online, so that we folk who are outside the realms of physical reach can also read these thoughts and ideas 🙂

    A small comment..
    By publishing this magazine, we don’t expect to see paradigm shifts in society’s thought. We
    don’t expect to see the destitute being given shelter, the hungry being given food, or the crippled
    being given something beyond pity. Instead, we bring this issue out in the fervent hope that the
    next time you see a light left on in an empty room, you will switch it off. We bring it out in the
    hope that the next time you are tempted to throw a chewing gum wrapper on to the street, you
    will think twice.

    This paragraph in the ‘Editorial’ deeply disturbs me. Are we, as an social work organisation, then giving up hope in the world and reconciling to a world where people switch off lights or don’t throw chewing-gum wrappers in the streets? Are we opining that change is impossible?

    Worst of all, are we giving ourselves, and others, clear consciences when we/they switch off lights or don’t throw chewing-gum wrappers? Are we saying that thats enough? Are we saying that we don’t need to really care about the crippled or the marginalised?

    Of course it is important that we switch off lights, don’t throw rubbish all over the streets, do those little every day things which makes a better world, BUT we also need to be aware of, think, and care about everything else. Or at least, we need to be aiming at that. Because we’re not just an organisation aiming to make people follow rules and basic ethics, but we are an organisation trying to make people socially sensitive and care, aren’t we?

    When we have the power of the pen, which is definitely mightier than the sword, we should be careful with it. The pen is in our hands, and we guide the way it shall go. In other words, we need to be more careful with words, because this same power which can do good, can do much harm as well.

    Any thoughts?

  2. im extremely glad with the social work that your club has and have been doing. hence i have made a decision to join the club. please update me with the various news and event that you put up !
    thank you
    priyank sukanand
    1st year
    Christ junior college

  3. Hi Priyank! Welcome to Christ University! You can approach the CSA co-ordinator (Mr Kiran) at Christ Junior College for more information on Christ Junior College CSA…

    He will be able to help you better, and help you to find out what suits you best.

    Hope to see you amongst us!


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