Drishti & Publications Workshop 2013

ImageIt was 2.00pm on a Saturday afternoon and we were waiting eagerly for a team building session to begin. The workshop held on 26th June 2013, was to be conducted by Mr Dominic and his arrival was much awaited. There were volunteers from Drishti and Publications present at the session. We came with certain expectations and assumptions about how the session might turn out to be, but boy, were we wrong?

There were a number of activities which were both fun and reflective. It helped us build more cohesion as a group which is essential for an organization like CSA. One such activity was when we had to walk around and suddenly were asked to stop. We had to interact with the volunteer ahead of us. This helped us in easy communication. There were similar activities that took place and they helped us get to know better than the usual ‘ Hello’ and ‘Good-bye’ we often use

We were able to share a slice our lives with another person and also listen to another person doing the same. This made me reflect on the art of reciprocation in communication. We had an opportunity to share our views and reflections about these exercises with our trainer. Then we moved on to play a game called ‘Myth’s and Truth’s’ which received active, enthusiastic participation from everyone present. I understood a tit bit more about human nature through this game.

The session came to a closure at 5.00pm and it was a memorable three hours we spent together building unity, cohesion and also self-reflection. There was a great deal of interaction, sharing, empathetic listening and fun. This team building activity was a great beginning for lots more to come. I hope CSA will provide us with more opportunities to learn and to be more reflective about ourselves and others.

Reported by: Avani Jain, I PSEng; Edited by: Nivendra Uduman, II MPCO



CSA Photography Exhibition Official Invite

CSA Photography Exhibition Official Invite =)

For all Photographers in Christ University!

The challenge would be to encapsulate the extremes in society–say, positives n negatives–in a single frame so as to visualize the gap between them… So that we can work towards narrowing it =)

Design by  : Suresh, III B.Com

Tagline by: Alekha, II CEP

Publication’s Interactive Session with L Romal M Singh!

On hearing that we would be having a journalist as a guest lecturer for Publication’s workshop on 14th July, I couldn’t help being a bit apprehensive with the typical paparazzi stereotype soldered in my mind; I assumed he would want to expand his consumer base and increase his turnover. Proving them all wrong, he touched our souls to provide a new perspective to life.

With his casual smile and unique fashion statement, one couldn’t help but notice that Mr. L Romal M Singh, Chief Editor of DNA After Hours, lived in his own world- a paradise which he would gladly open to each one of us. In today’s world where people are in the quest for status symbols and power, Mr. Singh seemed an exception with his modesty and openness.

With his charismatic personality and spontaneous wittiness, he walked us through the underlying reality of the seemingly glossy world of journalism. Far from the usual and expected gossip about Bollywood stars and political conundrum, he concentrated on pointing out the hallmarks of being a genuine social writer and updating us on media sensitivity, technical know-how and the notorious art of political correctness.

Mr. Singh has an untold power in expressing his views, many of which reflected our own notions and opinions of modern India. He not only pointed out the short comings of the era but also suggested potential remedies for them. His talk on the scourges that ruin modern India gave us a new breath of life as Christites in our commitment to the core values of CSA. Interestingly, he indicated a new route through which Publications could contribute to the society to bring a pocketful of sunshine to the lives of the destitute.

As he left the auditorium with our minds scintillated, I felt a sudden rush of zeal fill my entire being- as if I was just being born again like a Phoenix from my ashes- and I embarked on my new mission to make this world a better place for each and every one of us. On behalf of CSA, I thank Mr. Singh for having lit a bright beacon in our search for the Holy Grail of philanthropy.

Om Nirvan Bhoyroo, I EPS

We Care.. Online

For those who could not access to the Centre for Social Action magazine ‘We Care‘ march edition, we bring you the online version of the same.

Do post back your reviews and suggestions about this edition of We Care 🙂

We Care released!!! :) :)

As said in the previous post that our activities have officially come to an end. Actually it has not. especially not with the Publications team :).

Our magazine- ‘We Care’, planned, articles collected, edited, re- edited, designed, redesigned, proof read………. which finally has given us ripe fruit. Yes, it is in our hands in its final form of a magazine.

The toil and hard work of the publication team day- in and day- out, is very much visible in our latest edition of WE CARE.

We congratulate all the contributors of articles and alll those who have helped to make the magazine a responsible one and have shown to the world that we really care.

Copies are available in the CSA office, II floor, Main Block, Christ University.

We would be happy to recieve your feedback, comments- positive and negative which would help us improve in our next edition.
E- mail- csa@christuniversity.in

We Care- a platform to express

Do you have a story any story to narrate, an experience to share or want to express your views about society but, don’t know how……?

CSA gives you the platform! Here it is. 🙂

CSA invites you to send in your views, photos, cartoons, stories etc for our forth coming magazine We Care.

You could drop in your entries at CSA office, II floor, Main Block, Christ University or mail them to csa.wecare@gmail.com on or before December 30, 2009.