We Care!

Social volunteering?




Yes, We Care!

Our semester magazine We Care is out again, with an exciting new look and feel. We have expanded our scope to include a wider variety of topics and broader perspectives on various issues. So what can you expect in this issue?

For starters, we have the cover story – Four Hours a Week, which is about two Christites who work toward change in their own ways. Another feature to look out for is the one on Sri Lanka which gives us two perspectives on the Sri lanka crisis – a pro Tamil and a pro Sinhalese – along with a brief historical overview of the issue. A case study on Uchengamma and her fight against child marriage also proves to be an interesting read.

A big thank you to everyone who worked toward making this experiment a reality, and a huge congratulations to Publications and everyone who helped, in every little way, in making this such a success. We at Publications hope that even this issue, like every other one, proves to be a catalyst in the change we are working towards.

Three cheers for the cause!


Publications activities begin! :)

On the 18th we had the ice breaker session of publications. It involved spending quality time with the children of the housekeeping staff who reside in campus. Being the first time for many of our volunteers, facing the enthusiastic children was a wonderful and memorable experience. 🙂

We also learnt how to update the blog, edit posts and so on and the result of it is what you are reading right now. We look forward to being a part of more such activities while involving ourselves and helping the cause, together…

Keep reading for more updates. Cheers 🙂

We Care… You can!


Centre for Social Action, Christ University, is proud to announce that we’re coming out with yet another issue of our semester magazine We Care. We Care is a social magazine which serves as a medium of expression for the students of Christ College, and other interested outside individuals/agencies, about the burning issues in our world. It contains articles, poems, compilations, cartoons, thoughts, views, qwetches, and other sorts of expression through paper, on social issues, problems and controversies.

These thoughts often go unspoken, voices unheard. But through We Care, these ideas and voices find a new aura of strength to inspire a difference. Often, these expressions are highly thought provoking ones, breaking through stereotypes, and taking up previously undiscussed topics.

We Care, March 2008

We Care, March 2008

If you’re a student of Christ University, you might have already seen the posters which we’ve put up around campus. We’re looking for articles from you. Please feel free to send in any article / poem / compilations / cartoons / thoughts / views / qwetches / blogs or anything else you feel good about to csa.wecare@gmail.com OR drop us a copy at the CSA Office (2nd Floor, Main Block) OR send it to us –

Centre for Social Action,
Christ University,
Hosur Road,
Bangalore – 560 029,

To see the online version of the most recent We Care magazine (March ’08), check out this blog post.

If you are a student outside Christ University, or an NGO, or from the other part of the world, please feel free to write for us on issues you feel for, or personal experiences 🙂 We’ll definitely send you a few copies of the magazine when it gets published (even if your article is not on it!).

Oh oh oh… Why write for We Care?

  • 3000+ copies
  • Readership 10,000+
  • Copies sent to selected universities and colleges all over India, Norway, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Bangaldesh, Thailand, Sweden, Germany, USA, UK, France, and Italy
  • Copies sent to all prominent NGOs (200+) in India
  • Online version released on the CSA Blog

So be heard, get feedback/feedforward, and perhaps inspire a difference through We Care! Write in now!

We Care… You Can!

Centre for Social Action | Publications Team

Publications in session

The publications team is keeping busy today by having short software orientation courses for our new volunteers and by coming out with the We Care articles campaign posters.

Watch out for our posters which will soon be put up around campus.

More info coming soon…

We Care – Online version

Hi all,

We decided to put up an online version of We Care magazine(with a hint from our friends in Norway 🙂 ). So if you have a pretty fast internet connection, or if you’re dedicated enough to put the download for the night, ladies and gentlemen, behold….

We Care
File size : 12MB
File type: PDF
Software required : Adobe Reader 5.0+
Click here to download

Read and enjoy! And of course pass it on to your friends who might be interested! Also feel free to blog about it! 🙂

P.S: CSA Annual Presentation on this Saturday (March 15th) 2PM. Venue still to be decided.  Please join us! (And people from Norway, we’ll try to establish a Skype link 😛 )

We Care…

After all the proof readings, discussions, arguments, fun moments, sleepless nights, etc., etc…
We Care is finally here.

So, get hold of any CSA volunteer for your copy or,
if you are on the second floor of the main block, then the CSA office isn’t that far!
Walk in and take a copy for yourself.

We would also like to thank everyone (through this post) for their help and support.
All the writers for taking out time and writing down what they strongly felt for.
Ms. Andrea Parry, especially, for all her ideas, views and help.

So, as we always believe and say:
Keep writing.
Keep that spark in you!

– Publications Team

Infobullet out!

Hey guys,

The latest issue (August-September) of Info Bullet, the CSA Newsletter, is out and has run out of copies already. 🙂 This time’s Info Bullet sports a new look, new feel factor, which we hope will catch many more eyes to the CSA cause. If you want a copy, rush over to the CSA Office before the 3rd batch (yes!) runs out! You can also ask a Publications team member.

The Publications team would like to thank everyone who worked behind the scenes, and who provided valuable time for interviews. We would especially like to thank our friends from Norway.

The Publications team would also like to register a huge gesture of appreciation to Ms Nisha for her single handed effort in distributing all the Niswarths that were left over from Singeni.

Cheers! Stay tuned, for we’ll soon be posting all the Info Bullet articles here!

Info Bullet released!

Hello there,

The new publications team succeeded in bringing out their first ever work, in the form of the brand new Info Bullet, which was released last week. The information update newsletter of CSA included articles about the latest happenings in CSA. More than 500 copies have been printed, and distributed! If you haven’t received a copy, hop over to the CSA office and grab one!

The Publications Team

We Care: Finally

The May edition of ‘We Care’, the bi-yearly magazine of Centre for Social Action is finally out!!! A big ‘thank you’ to all those who penned down their thoughts for the magazine and kudos to all those who worked behind the scene, especially the staff and volunteers.

For your copy, please contact the CSA Office.